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Welcome to my display of recently completed artwork. Much of the original artwork (pencil on paper drawings) is for sale and available for purchase, as identified on individual pages, listed here, and outlined below in green. Four of the works have been reproduced as greeting cards, two prints of dinosaurs and two of the birds. They are printed as blank-inside greeting cards with information on the back about the species drawn. Two of the works have also been reproduced as posters. These items are on sale here. You may click on the images below to link to larger images. (text continues below...)

Feather evolution, 2010Image loading: Feather evolution, 2010

Contour feather, 2010Image: Contour feather, 2010

Follow this link for ceramic worksImage: Ceramic bowls from above

Semiplume feather, 2010Image: Semiplume feather, 2010

Filoplume, 2010Image: Filoplume feather, 2010

Bristle and semibristle, 2010Image: Bristle and semibristle feather, 2010

Down feather, 2010Image: Down feather, 2010

Flight feather, 2010Image: Flight feather, 2010

Bermuda Longtail, 2009Image: Bermuda Longtail, 2009

Picton Castle, 2009Image: Picton Castle, 2009

Full Moon, 2009Image: Full Moon, 2009

Nepenthes, 2009Image: Nepenthes x ventrata

Dragonfly, 2009Image: Dragonfly

Lion door knocker #2, 2009Image: Lion's head door knocker

Lion door knocker, 2009Image: Lion's head door knocker

St. Francis and a wolf, 2009Image: St. Francis and a wolf

Wrought iron, 2008Image: Wrought iron lamp

Siratus beauii, 2008Image: Siratus beauii

Montauk Point Lighthouse, 2008Image: Montauk Lighthouse

Herring Gull, 2008Image: Herring Gull

Great Kiskadee #2, 2008Image: Great Kiskadee

Porcupine fish, 2008Image: Porcupine fish

Deer and fawn, 2008Image: Deer and fawn

Allosaurus fragilis, 2008Image: Allosaurus fragilis

Contemplating Extinction? 2008Image: Contemplating Extinction? (Golden Lion Tamarin)

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda, 2008Image: Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Golden Lion Tamarin, 2008Image: Golden Lion Tamarin

Great kiskadee, Pitangus sulfuratusImage: Great kiskadee

Vernazza Castle, Italy, 2008Image: Vernazza castle

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, 2007Image: Edinburgh castle

Tyrannosaurus rex, 2007Image: T. rex

Triceratops, 2007Image: Triceratops

Gargoyle, Edinburgh castle, 2007Image: Edinburgh gargoyle

Blue tit, Cyanistes caeruleus, 2007Image: Blue tit

Great tit, Parus major, 2007Image: Great tit

Great tit #1, 2007Image: Great tit

St. Jude's Church, London, 2007Image: St Jude's church

St. Jude's Church, London, 2007Image: St Jude's church

St. Jude's Church, London, 2007Image: St Jude's church

Rabbit god #2, 2007Image: Rabbit god #2

Trevi fountain, Rome, 2007Image: Trevi fountain, Rome

Gargoyle, Bern Cathedral, 2006
Image: Bern cathedral gargoyle

My main artistic focus is on drawing beautiful things - I feel that you sharpen your sense of observation and have a better sense of the way things work by looking at drawings and by the act of drawing. A drawing focuses on distinct areas of interest, bringing to light portions of the scene that may otherwise be lost to the surrounding detail. A series of drawings on one topic, such as extinction, can draw your attention to significant issues that we face. I am hopeful that we can spur ourselves onward as a sentient race to tackle the challenges that we have been largely responsible for bringing to our world.

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning work, I would love to hear from you; please see further information on the Contact page.

Thanks for visiting!

Nicholas Judson