Feather evolution, 2010

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I have had the opportunity to do some illustrations for the recently published book by Thor Hanson: "Feathers: the evolution of a natural miracle." This is the illustration of how feathers evolved.

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Original pencil on paper drawing not available for purchase.

Image: Feather evolution, 2010. Copyright 2010 Nicholas Judson. Graphite pencil on paper drawing.

"Developmental Theory of Feather Evolution The developmental theory proposes a series of cumulative evolutionary steps leading to modern feathers: an unbranched quill (Stage I), simple filaments (Stage II), filaments centered on a rachis (Stage III), interlocking barbules and pennaceous vanes (Stage IV), and asymmetrical flight feathers (Stage V)."

Text from "Feathers: the evolution of a natural miracle," by Thor Hanson. Copyright © 2011 by Thor Hanson. Used by permission of the author.