Is the original artwork that I would like to buy still available?

I keep my website as up to date as possible with the actual availability of artwork, so unless work has just been sold over the phone, yes, it is still available.

I would like to buy some original art - how much is shipping?

The price includes shipping for unframed artwork. If you live in Massachusetts, 6.25% sales tax will need to be added.

If I would like my artwork framed, will you do so?

Yes, but.... The price of the frame and then the cost shipping will depend on the size of the work. Framing for small works (5" x 7" paper) starts at $35. Framing for artwork on 19" x 24" paper is about $125, but shipping a glass-fronted piece of artwork that is in a 22" x 28" frame can be expensive. Please email me to find out how much it will cost to ship. It may be more cost effective for you to have the work framed once you receive it. (click for more information on framing)

How soon will my order be filled and sent to me?

Shipments will be mailed using the US Postal Service as soon after receipt of an order as possible, usually within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays). If you used Google Checkout, you will receive 3 confirmations from Google: once when the order is placed, once when I have started processing the order, and once when the items are in the mail to you. You should receive them in 2-5 business days (7 - 10 days for international delivery). If there will be a delay for any reason (I may be on location drawing more drawings), I will let you know as soon as possible by email.

I placed an order through your website yesterday, but haven't heard anything back about it. Why?

If you didn't get a confirmation from Google entitled "Order receipt from Nicholas Judson ($XX.XX)" , then something went wrong with your signup for a Google Checkout account. I will never see that you tried to order anything, either. I think that if you don't enter a phone number, the Google Checkout account doesn't get set up properly. 

If you got the first email, but haven't heard anything else (you should get a total of three emails from Google Checkout), I may be temporarily out of email contact. Even when traveling, though, I aim to check my email every other day. Thank you for your patience; I will respond as soon as possible.

How do you determine shipping and handling costs?

Shipping and handling charges are based on the published US Postal Service rates, with a slight addition for the actual cost of the mailing envelopes or mailing tubes. 

Can you send me my order any faster?

Yes. Email me ( to tell me what you would like to order, where you live, and how fast you would like to get the order. Once we agree on a shipping method and price, I will send you an invoice through Google Checkout that includes the express shipping.

My cards or posters arrived damaged, what can I do?

Blame the post office.... No, seriously, please let me know! You should be happy with your order -- if you let me know within a month of receipt, I will send a replacement.

Do you have wholesale pricing to sell your cards and posters in the store I manage?

Yes. Store owners interested in selling these greeting cards or posters should contact Amanda Judson for more information on wholesale pricing. ( Thank you for your interest.

Is your artwork available for restaurants to display and sell?

Yes. Store, restaurant, cafe, or other business owners interested in housing pieces of artwork on a rotating basis with the intent to sell the artwork while adding to the decor of their restaurant should contact Amanda Judson for more information on this arrangement. ( Thank you for your interest.

If there are other questions that I haven't answered, please email me ( and I will respond directly.

Thank you,

 Nicholas Judson